Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Immigration Law Enforcement Rally with Kris Kobach and Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Tonight, UMKC and S&T College Republicans attend the Rally at the Ritz Charles in Overland Park. As a UMKC student and Republican, I support Kris Kobach and his measures he has provided to Arizona. The issue of immigration does indeed boil down to love and hate, but not in the way the liberal protesters would have you to believe.

Forty minutes into the rally, Prof. Kobach was interrupted in speech by Overland Park Chief of Police, who said,

I’m terribly sorry to interrupt. There is no need to be terribly concerned. But, we have a package and it’s very suspicious. It’s outside. That package was first examined by our bomb sniffing dog and then x-rayed. We have reason to believe that we need to take it seriously. It’s ok. I suggest that you evacuate orderly out front…(Uproar.)…Listen to me, please. I’m not ordering you. (Applause.) This is a very serious situation. (Uproar.) We can’t take the package anywhere…it is on the northside… Now, having said that, it’s your discretion or not on whether or not to stay. (Uproar.) Not wanting to offend you, it is my job and my responsibility to make you aware of…things. (Applause.)”

After encouraging anyone worried to leave with blessings, Prof. Kobach said, "Let the record reflect who acted out in violence." And hatred. Someone planted a dummy bomb that disrupted 4500 from a peaceful and patriotic rally.

Please enjoy our photos from the evening.


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