Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Illegal Immigration via UMKC

Tonight, there will be a Immigration Law Enforcement Rally with Kris Kobach and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Hundreds of concerned Americans will gather at the Ritz Charles to hear the SB1070 Mastermind/KS Secretary of State candidate and Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio discuss illegal immigration. UMKC students will join the concerned Americans in the rally, in more ways than one. We CRs will be on the inside. Other Roos will be outside, proclaiming their Love Conquers Hate message.

(Seeing as it is a public event, I reserve the right to protect their right to be publicly stupid. Any screenshots from the event will not be edited. Click to see event.)

These people proclaim that they will conquer our "hate" of illegal immigrants by their presence. They said, "We must stand up to demonstrate that we will not stand by as hate pervades our community. We, as a community, are wiser, more tolerant, and kindhearted."

There is a different kind of hate, however. A hate of the law. The law that protects us all as free individuals. It's time for show and tell. (All figures are approximate.)

As of right now, there are...

22,889,911 Illegal Aliens

583,732 Non Mexican Illegal Aliens

$287 billion has been wired to Latin America since 2001

(That's 10 million new cars or an iPad for every US citizen...)

5 million illegal alien children in public schools

(That's the population of Missouri.)

$171 million spent on illegal student in K-12 since 1996

(That's 10 million people attending UMKC for 4 years.)

746,912 illegal alien fugitives

426, 296 illegal aliens incarcerated

$26 billion spent on incarcerations…since 2008

(That's 21 million Macbooks...one for every person in New York state!)

11 million skilled jobs provided to illegal aliens

(That's the population of Delhi, India)

Our government is wasting our money by not enforcing the law. Most of our ancestors survived immigrating here legally. Maybe this breakdown can open some liberal zombie’s eyes…because their love is not helping our country out of debt. At some point, we hope these young students will realize the costs of their love for lawbreakers and instead love their country.

I wonder who is actually full of hate.

If you agree with us and support law enforcement in the name of America, please support UMKC College Republicans. Not all college students are misguided and brainwashed. Those who stand fast in their patriotism and realism need you support. The chapter is strong, but wants to be stronger. We cannot rely on our liberal university for financial and moral support. Email umkccr@gmail.com to learn how to support us.

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