Friday, June 25, 2010

Playing the race card

This past week, UMKC sent out a cry of help to student organizations to set up a booth at a teen summit for a minority group. CR bit, but after realizing no one was there and that there wasn't a table for us, we left.

However, the preparation for this summit was incredibly stressful. The College REPUBLICANS should NEVER have to stress about a event for racial minorities! Republicans are responsible for Emancipation, women's suffrage, and the Civil Rights Act, amongst other measures protecting and liberating minorities. To the core, it does not make sense for struggling minorities to be liberal.

Nonetheless, the fruits my my minority panic was sweet. Below, find our preparation to target and bring in more minorities to UMKC CR. Everyone should want to be a Republican, regardless of their race and related social pressures.


Want to be a leader in your community? Want to make a difference?

Politics is the way to go.

Do you know why politics are important? Sure, politics are a pain. But, politics decide how much funding your schools get, whether your street gets repaved, or how difficult it is to start your own business. Politics define your community, your city, and your country. Leaders take the reins and get things done. You want to be a leader. You want to be a Republican.

But, why Republican politics?

Republicans believe in you. The government should not have to hand anything to you and the government should not take more than it needs from you.

Republicans believe in the Constitution, which allocates rights to be split between levels of government to keep you free. The state government provides education. The federal government provides security.

Republicans believe you can spend your money better than the government and never forget how lukcy we are to live in this country. The United State is a unique and wonderful state that should not bow to the systems of other countries. God bless America.


“We will educate those that have been shackled by the chains of liberal/socialist ideology about its destructive nature and challenge them to reconsider their party affiliations that promote such political ideology. mission statement

What does it mean to be a Republican?

It means to be a responsible American.

The UMKC College Republicans supplies the surrounding community with events throughout the year. In February, Apostle Claver Kamau Imani, founder of and radio host, spoke. He says, ““The more money the government has…the less money you have. The more power government has…the less freedom you have. The government should have less money and less power… it makes it easier for all of us to prosper. Lawmakers, stop telling us what to do and start making laws telling government what it can’t do. You agree with me? Then you’re a conservative. Now vote that way!”

College Republicans across the county have emerged as the most diverse political organization. The Truman College Republicans chair, Vinciane Ngomsi, fights the social pressure and believes in conservative values. She said, “I am a Republican because I do not believe in the government gaining control of the public sector. The people have exercised their right to vote, and the elected officials should honor their concerns. I do not believe in spending incredible amounts of money that will eventually translate in debt.”

Famous black Republicans: Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington, and Frederick Douglas!

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