Thursday, June 24, 2010

No Excuses

This post was sent out as an email to hundreds of patriots on June 13, 2010.

Fellow Republicans, College Republicans, and future College Republicans -

This may be long, but I assure you that it reads quickly and provides important information regarding the future of this nation. If that alone doesn't have you hooked, fellow patriots, nothing will.

Since 2008, we have watched our country support, accept, and sadden as we together elected Barack Obama. You may not have voted for our current president, but our failures as active citizens and mobilized Americans ensured his victory. From the campaign down, most of us can't help but wonder what more we could have done to get a Republican into office.

Since the election, the media has swung our way and reassured a conservative victory because of the extreme shock the liberal agenda has provided to America. Republicans will win, thanks to Obama. Conservatives will prevail, thanks to Pelosi. The Tea Party will send shock waves through November, thanks to Reid.

I want an overwhelming conservative victory to be a reality. I believe you do, too, otherwise, you would not be reading this.

We want it to be true that true conservatives will gain control of government this fall and halt this runaway train of spending, spending, spending.

Whether you voted or not, you are paying the bill. Your taxes will rise. Your children’s taxes will be higher. If fiscal conservatives that are in touch with the heart of America do not regain power, the America that we know and love will be gone.

You need to help. You need to make a choice to help or inspire more to help elect those who have the best interests of our country at heart. The wave of political apathy needs to stop breaching the levee of liberty. It has been said by wise men that every generation must fight for their freedom and the time has come to fight.

I am honored to be surrounded by hundreds of fired up Republicans of all ages, races, and religions in Missouri and Kansas this campaign season. We may not all agree on everything. However, we do all agree that we love this country more than any facet of a socialist European regime that some want as a replacement here in our home. The America that we know and love allows us all to climb to our own success and fall at our own failures.

This America does not permit excuses and I do not want one that does.

The agenda that is being pushed in Washington now will degrade our stubborn and strong America. An entitled and weak country will prevail if true conservative are not elected this fall. Our educations, work, and dreams will mean nothing if this agenda is not defeated. This will all change as we fire up as many like minded individuals as possible.

As young people, you must help. If you are not young with a multitude of time on your hand, I’m beyond confident that you know someone that is young and concerned about the future of our wonderful country. Everyone has a resource that they can contribute, whether is be time, talent, money, or other resources. There are no excuses to not contribute in the best way you can now.

We can all find someone to support. Thousands, if not millions, of Americans are burning up the liberal agenda and you need to help. Candidates need and will appreciate anyone's help. Please email someone now, on our list or not, and find out exactly how you can get involved.

America needs you to get off of your computer now, pick a candidate that supports your values, and fuel every cell you have that cares about freedom into the success of their campaign.

As always, if the UMKC College Republicans chapter can do anything for you, please let us know. We encourage you emailing and Facebooking us and want the outreach to continue. We pass on as many opportunities as we can to fellow College Republicans and will continue to do so. Our CRs from our chapter come from all corners of the Midwest and the KC Metro. I hope that all of them will spend time with a race they are comfortable with, which we are confident will occur as we send out more and more opportunities. We want you to tell your friends and favorite politicians that we exist and are fired up. We encourage you to forward our emails to anyone that may be interested in us, what we do, and what we can do with you help. Please ask questions if you want to know more about anything.

This summer is beautiful and sitting by the pool is fun, but it will be beyond worth it to contribute all the time (and resources) that you can into the conservative campaign of your choice once the primaries and election pass.


Rachael Herndon

UMKC College Republicans, Chairwoman

P.S. If you don’t know which campaign to support or who needs you most, please email us at and we will get you in touch with someone that needs and wants your help. Individually, we all have our favorites, but not everyone can be everywhere and we all should wish to do more for our country than we do. Everyone can do something.

There are no excuses.

© UMKC College Republicans, All Rights Reserved

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