Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Most UnAmerican Phrase Ever!

This week, UMKC CRs have been working hard collecting signatures to get a great Republican on the ballot. This candidate understands that it is time to get City Hall running like a business, not a circus. Sometimes, we get truly confusing responses to our civic engagement.

One excellent CR, Meg McClelland, went out last night and asked her neighbors to sign the petition. She was surprised by the responses. If you're reading this, then I'm sure you care as much as activism as we do. Applying the power to make a difference is exhilarating sometimes, but sometimes, others just don't get it.


As I collected signatures from my neighbors last night, I heard the most annoying, blood boiling phrase ever: Oh, that's political. I don't do politics. I was floored.

You don't do politics?

So, you don't complain about taxes?

Or, the way the city maintains the roads?

Or, the new health care legislation?

Even the mere act of voting is political.

I'm pretty sure they would be appalled at not voting.

So why are they so against adding another candidate to the ballot? I'm baffled.

This country that loves choices doesn't want another option to choose from?

Well, while I'm out there being political, I will gladly let them sit in their living rooms watching the evening news and ignoring me. It will make getting something done slightly easier. When I get something changed and they don't like the way I've changed it, maybe then they will do politics...I doubt it though...with the level of indifference I received last night - I doubt it.

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