Thursday, August 26, 2010

A CR's view of BO

January 20, 2009. It was the day “the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal,” in the words of King Barack himself [1].

An estimated 1.8 million Americans, intoxicated with media hype and campaign rhetoric, made their pilgrimage to Washington.

The coronation ceremony was a hangover from the media blitzkrieg that precipitated Obama’s ascendancy to the throne, but like any other drunken orgy, the fun quickly gave way to feelings of guilt and remorse.

The majestic sheen of the genie lantern of liberal public policy started to wear off.

The 69 percent approval rating Obama received the first week of his presidency waned over time.

Promises of bipartisanship, integrity, and post-racial unity gave way to a very different reality, one in which partisan attacks and smear campaigns vilified Republicans as “racist” and “bigoted.”

The heinous crime? Opposing Barack Obama for his support of the Healthcare Reform Bill [2].

It’s good to know that real racism has been trivialized by leftist opportunists who equate it to moral, rational, common-sense opposition to a socialist takeover of the healthcare industry.

But healthcare reform was only the tip of Obama’s iceberg of arrogance.

Most alarming is the Obama administration’s attempt to run the press from the White House.

The “tolerant” liberal champions of diversity made it their prerogative to silence their dissidents on the right.

Obama excluded FOX News from certain White House press conferences and quit providing guests to “FOX News Sunday” because the network fact-checked a White House official [3].

Liberals love to champion First Amendment rights and claim Constitutional outrage when someone asks a proposed mosque to move a few blocks away from a site where thousands lost their lives to radical, Jihadist extremists (the words “Jihad” and “Islamic extremist” have been banned from national security documents by the Comrade-in-Chief himself [4]).

But when it comes to freedom of press and other First Amendment rights for people who aren’t picketing military funerals, flying planes into buildings, or defending either of the two aforementioned groups, the Constitutional crusaders on the left have gone AWOL.

Time and time again, the Obama administration and Democrat-controlled Congress have shown their apathy to the consensus of American people who oppose raising taxes, oppose socialized medicine, oppose Cap and Trade, oppose bailing out failing private sector businesses, oppose adding to the national deficit, and oppose building a 13-story middle finger pointed at the graves of the 9/11 attack victims and their families and friends.

Americans were duped by Obama and his empty campaign promises.

I, unfortunately, was among them. Healthcare reform looked appealing. My mother died from metastasized cancer five years ago, and my family didn’t have health insurance. My dad was self-employed, and we didn’t have any health problems in our family history.

If we had Obamacare, I reasoned, maybe the doctors would have caught my mom’s cancer early on and she could have been saved.

Then I sat down and did my research. No one had actually read the healthcare reform bill, and the changes it made would only displace, and not reduce, the costs of healthcare.

My family would have made too much money to be eligible for the public option, and the taxes my dad was paying on his family business would have undoubtedly gone up.

In addition, cancer research and survival rates in countries with socialized medicine lag behind research and treatment in the United States [5].

The evil capitalist bastards that ran Shawnee Mission Medical Center actually waived a good portion of my mom’s costs because my family did not have insurance. Imagine that!

Had Obamacare been in place five years ago, my mom wouldn’t have been saved, our taxes would have gone up, Shawnee Mission wouldn’t have waived a dime of the costs, and we would still have been required to purchase healthcare insurance.

Freedom is what makes America great, but it is literally being imploded by the Obama administration’s leftist policies.

Never before has the federal government mandated that all citizens buy anything.

The Obama administration’s rhetoric boils down to a full-blown attack on the American people and our way of life, but then again, I’m just another “typical white person” “clinging to guns and religion.”

It’s been two years since Obama capsized the nation with his empty promise of hope, and the change we’ve seen so far has been horrific.

It’s time for the silent consensus of voters to stand up to the madness and insanity and say “NO!” to the policies of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid and vote for real change in November.







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